Constanze Klementz


Constanze Klementz began writing for daily newspapers around 1997 focussing on dance and performance. From 2002-2009 she worked fulltime as a freelance author and critic for various daily papers (Berliner Morgenpost, Die Welt), for the magazine zitty and several periodicals (Theater der Zeit, tanzjournal, Frakcija). For Theater der Zeit she composed and edited thematic sections for several issues on questions and debates related to contemporary dance practices together with Franz Anton Cramer. Since 2009 she has reduced her critical writing in favour of teaching in study programs, working as a mentor and dramaturge as well as increasing her research and writing in the field of dance studies and theory. She continues to publish reviews occasionally and still contributes to the web platform corpus. Having changed her name to “Schellow” when getting married she keeps Klementz as signature for her writings as a critic. A large selection of her texts is available on Sarma.


Constanze Klementz (1976) is based in Basle and Berlin working in the areas of dance theory, art education, dramaturgy, mentoring and criticism. After a ballet education (Tanzakademie Tatjana Gsovsky) she studied Theatre Studies and Philosophy (Freie Universität Berlin) and later Performing Arts (apt/a.Pass, Posthogeschool voor Podiumkunsten) in Antwerp. From 2002 to 2009 she worked fulltime as a freelance critic and writer with a focus on dance and performance for a wide range of web- and print-media (Theater der Zeit, Frakcija, tanzjournal, corpus.web, Die Welt, Berliner Morgenpost). She was a lecturer at the Institute for Theatre Studies (Freie Universität Berlin); currently she teaches at the Institute for Media and Theatre (Universität Hildesheim) and at the BA ”Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography“ (Interuniversity Centre for Dance Berlin). Recent dramaturgical collaborations with Rémy Heritier and Sara Manente. Since 2010 she is writing her PhD on the ‚rhethorics of the negative’ in dance-theoretical publications as a fellow of the Suisse National Science Foundation at the Universities of Basle and Berne. In a long-term research on mutual movements of reflexion between choreography and theory she created the format not not a lecture in which she collaborates with artist such as Sara Manente (not not a lecture #1. two commentaries, Tanzquartier Vienna 2010) or Antonia Baehr (not not a lecture #2. facing for faces, Mousonturm Frankfurt 2011).


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Author Title Publication Year
Antonia Baehr, Constanze Klementz Facing For Faces Sarma 2011
Eva-Elisabeth Fischer, Constanze Klementz, Martin Nachbar, Johannes Odenthal Unfolding the critical: round robin, dialogue Sarma 2006
Constanze Klementz Personal Basics (English) Sarma 2006
Constanze Klementz Personal Basics (German) Sarma 2006
Constanze Klementz Vibrierender Abklatsch Berliner Morgenpost 2004
Constanze Klementz Schnipsel von Erzählung Berliner Morgenpost 2005
Constanze Klementz Schöne neue Mitmachwelt Kieler Nachrichten 2003
Constanze Klementz Gejagt nur von der eigenen Legende Berliner Morgenpost 2007
Constanze Klementz Kleingarten Eden Märkische Allgemeine 2005
Constanze Klementz Lächeln und Sabbern Märkische Allgemeine 2005
Constanze Klementz Schnappschüsse mit dem Augenlied Märkische Allgemeine 2007
Constanze Klementz Ein ästhetischer Gewaltakt Die Welt 2007
Constanze Klementz Der Teufel steckt im Nilpferd Märkische Allgemeine 2007
Constanze Klementz Nichts Drittes, nirgends Die Welt 2004
Constanze Klementz Schmuddelkind mit Modellcharakter Theater der Zeit 2006
Constanze Klementz Das Monster hat Angst Theater der Zeit 2006
Constanze Klementz Umarmt von allen Seiten Die Welt 2006
Constanze Klementz Das Abnormale, gesteigert Theater der Zeit 2005
Constanze Klementz Ketchupflaschenschlachten Märkische Allgemeine 2006
Constanze Klementz close_up. Ein Film von Alexander Schellow mit Philipp Gehmacher 2008

Results 1-20 of 42, page 1 of 3