Unfolding the critical: round robin, dialogue

Sarma 23 Apr 2006English

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On the occasion of Tanzkongress Germany (Berlin, april 2006), Sarma has organised a colloquium on criticism: Unfolding the critical. Jeroen Peeters, as curator of the colloquium, has invited Irit Rogoff and Dorothea Von Hantelmann to give a lecture.

Following the theoretical lectures on the critical, there was an excursion into practice with a dialogical question and answer round of dance critics, a choreographer and a curator, all discussing the following question: What is the critical component in your practice?

You can listen to the lectures by audio streaming:
- Constanze Klementz meets Martin Nachbar: audio file
- Martin Nachbar meets Eva-Elisabeth Fischer:audio file
- Eva-Elisabeth Fischer meets Johannes Odenthal:audio file
- Johannes Odenthal meets Gabrielle Wittmann:audio file