Facing For Faces


Sarma 3 May 2011German

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Contextual note
This script was published on Sarma in Spring 2013 as part of the Collection Antonia Baehr, together with Antonia Baehr's letter 'Vortrag zum Mitnehmen'.

On May 3, 2011, Antonia Baehr and Constanze Klementz presented a dialogue about "For Faces" at Mousonturm in Frankfurt with the title "Not not a lecture #2: Facing For Faces". A letter written by Antonia Baehr (Facing For Faces: Vortrag zum Mitnehmen) was handed out to the audience. The script of the dialogue by Baehr and Klementz is available here. About the process leading up to this document, Klementz writes:

"The 'score' behind the script is a lecture that I worked out about "for faces" and held only once privately for Antonia, this lecture we used to attribute passages to each of us to improvise a fake talk, this talk was recorded, scripted again, and that is now the textbook which we read from in Facing for Faces."