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During the 2013-14 season, Sarma collaborated with the Flemish journal Etcetera to develop complementary content in paper and online publishing.

For thirty years now, Etcetera has been an important medium for reflection on the performing arts in Belgium and elsewhere. In essays, interviews and reviews it chronicles new artistic work and explores artistic oeuvres and practices in relation with broader tendencies in the arts and in society. Known for its essayistic writing, it provides space for in-depth analysis and individual writing styles. For ten years, Sarma has been a leading figure in publishing anthologies, text collections but also new discursive formats on dance and performance.

Performing arts criticism goes through a profound crisis today. After the crumbling of space for reviews in the daily media in favour of human interest and consumer's advice, also specialized media such as corpus and Dance Theatre Journal had to close down recently due to budget cuts. So far the dispersed self-publishing on blogs, forums and social media on the internet doesn't quite offer an alternative space for art critics to develop a voice, let alone participate in the creation of a public realm. Discourses in and on art are increasingly being instrumentalised, also by funding bodies and within the cultural field.

Denied are the work of art and the artistic practice as particular and autonomous forms of meaning production that partake in shaping the public sphere. In a society where art and its discourses have to justify themselves continuously, these autonomous and plural discourses will eventually fade out. For discussing contemporary art as a public affair, claiming a proper discursive space for art remains an important challenge for media and critics, in order to stimulate a freedom of looking, thinking and writing. The vulnerability, ambiguity, complexity and multiplicity of critical discourses may put the familiar frames of interpretation at stake and tinker with the dominant quest for transparency and unequivocality.

Against this background, and aiming for a diversity of discourses on dance, performance and artistic practices, Sarma and Etcetera develop a joint editorial trajectory in which print and online publishing are complementary. A traditional print medium like Etcetera remains an important model through its legacy and form: an editorial board and individual authors make choices and take responsibility for them. Not constrained by length, language or medium, Sarma provides new texts and collections that entertain a dialogue with Etcetera's editorial content. Background and analysis, informal documents and multilingual collections, oral and multimodal contributions create a larger context that can nurture the artistic field, its discourses and reflection.


June 2014 - Etcetera 137

Anthology Jeroen Peeters

On the occasion of his book Through the Back: Situating Vision between Moving Bodies (reviewed by Rudi Laermans in Etcetera), Sarma collected Jeroen Peeters' entire body of work in dance criticism. Several essays frame the collection:

Call for artists

How do we want to organize work, remuneration and the management of time in our society? How do existing models of labour relate to current artistic practices? Can an experimental approach of artists to time and work perhaps shed light on alternative forms of ‘useful unemployment’, which in our society receive little appreciation?
In early 2014 the Belgian legislation concerning social security for artists is being reformed, but not without struggle and collateral damage. To nurture the debate, Sarma plans a series of publications under the heading ‘Call for artists’. In search of sharp-witted questions, a broad contextualisation and possible solutions, writers are invited to explore questions around labour and artistic practices.


March 2014 - Etcetera 136

Essays on William Forsythe and Ballett Frankfurt

Linked to an essay by Gerald Siegmund on the recent work of William Forsythe (in Etcetera), Sarma publishes three essays by dancers on their collaboration with Forsythe within the Ballett Frankfurt. The texts appeared earlier in German in Gerald Siegmund’s monograph William Forsythe: Denken in Bewegung (Henschel Verlag Berlin, 2004). About these texts, Siegmund writes: “Forsythe underscores the ability of dancers to describe their own actions, to make themselves aware, through the use of verbal language, of what they’re doing, as well as how and why. The method of description is a first step towards the literacy and emancipation of the dancer, a step away from the dependency to being merely an executive instrument in service of an almighty choreographer.”

Writing on/as choreography by Daniel Linehan

On the occasion of Daniel Linehan’s book A No Can Make Space, reviewed by Jeroen Peeters in Etcetera, Sarma presents several texts by Linehan, in which he stages his choreographic way of thinking.


December 2013 - Etcetera 135

Cairography is the first edition of a publication series that seeks to enhance the discursive exchange on performances practices in the Arab and western worlds, crossing language barriers. It reflects on the problematic status of quotidian languages in the Arab world, on the lack of documents and archives that would allow for research on the history of contemporary art practices in the Arab world, and on the ensuing "moments of difficulty and self-exile, forgetting and remembering, solitude and finding intimacy." The collection was edited by Adham Hafez and Ismail Fayed of HaRaKa in Cairo and appears both in English and in Arabic. For Sarma, it is the first text collection in Arabic to become part of its archive. For an extended introduction and overview, see Cairography.


September 2013 - Etcetera 134

Essays on Sarah Vanhee's Lecture For Every One and Turning Turning

Why do we look at animals in the theatre?

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Author Title Publication Year
Aylin Kalem علقة غير عادية مع هارب/ An unsusal relationship with a Harp Sarma 2014
Rudi Laermans Looking at / Writing about Dance Etcetera 2014
Rudi Laermans Kijken naar/schrijven over dans Etcetera 2014
Kristien Van den Brande De muizen sluiten een pact Etcetera 2013
Jeroen Peeters Daniel Linehan en Afreux, A No Can Make Space Etcetera 2014
Jeroen Peeters Waarom kijken we naar dieren? Etcetera 2013
Jeroen Peeters Living together on stage Herbst. Theorie zur Praxis 2007
Lars Kwakkenbos The hurdles of broad thinking Sarma 2014
Joe Kelleher Lecture For Every One van Sarah Vanhee Programme note 2013
Aylin Kalem An Unusual Relation with a Harp… Sarma 2014
Jeroen Peeters Animal Dramaturgies Sarma 2013
Adham Hafez Between languages and realities Sarma 2014
Ramsay Burt Danced Testimonies of the Traumas of Migration Sarma 2007
Lars Kwakkenbos De hordes van een uitgestrekt denken Sarma 2014
Daniel Linehan Doing While Doing Sarma 2013
Myriam Van Imschoot Exercise in Microscopy Danssolo / solodans 1999
Ismail Fayed Forgotten Histories and Parallel Historiographies Sarma 2014
Daniel Linehan Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost Programme note 2012
Thomas McManus Inside Enemy Denken in Bewegung 2004
Joe Kelleher Lecture For Every One by Sarah Vanhee Programme note 2013

Results 1-20 of 34, page 1 of 2