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Rudi Laermans is one of Belgium’s most important art sociologists who has published extensively on dance policy, the body, popular culture, and on the course of some specific choreographers. Sarma republishes online about 80 key texts by Rudi Laermans. The selected texts reflect upon the work of choreographers such as Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Vincent Dunoyer, Jan Lauwers, Jan Fabre, Deep Blue, Forsythe, Meg Stuart... but also upon themes such as The Flemish Wave, the body, theatricality, dance and culture policy... Most of the texts were originally published in Dutch between 1995 and 2005 in several books and magazines, e.g. the Flemish performance magazine Etcetera.

The anthology was presented in Vooruit in 2009 with a performance lecture by Rudi Laermans, in collaboration with Burkhard Stangl. The performance lecture was called The Sound of Movement.

Credits Anthology Editor Sarma: Jeroen Peeters Editorial support: Kristien Van den Brande Financial support: Vooruit, Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie Special Thanks to: Willem Jan Wellens

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Author Title Publication Year
Rudi Laermans A (Carlotta Sagna) Etcetera 2003
Rudi Laermans A home for the impermanent? Carnet 1994
Rudi Laermans Achter de schermen van het ballet Etcetera 1999
Rudi Laermans, Roel Verniers Allemaal Indiaan: verhevigde realiteit of emo-terreur? Etcetera 2000
Rudi Laermans, Marianne Van Kerkhoven Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (Eng.) Critical Theatre Lexicon 1998
Rudi Laermans, Marianne Van Kerkhoven Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (Fr.) Kritisch Theater Lexicon 1998
Rudi Laermans Artistiek zijn is geen kunst Etcetera 2002
Rudi Laermans Avant-gardisme als neoacademisme Etcetera 2001
Rudi Laermans Balanchines modernisme Etcetera 1999
Rudi Laermans Beweeglijk denken Etcetera 2006
Rudi Laermans Communication Performance Research 2006
Pascal Gielen, Rudi Laermans Constructing identities: the case of 'the Flemish dance wave' Europe Dancing 2000
Rudi Laermans Crisis in de kunstkritiek De Tijd 2004
Rudi Laermans Culturele instellingen als actanten Etcetera 2002
Rudi Laermans Da un' altra faccia del tempo 1998
Rudi Laermans Dans als de kunst van het balanceren Etcetera 2001
Rudi Laermans Dansplezier, breakdance, intieme lichamen en nog zowat Etcetera 2000
Rudi Laermans De aangekondigde dood en haar kortstondig hiernamaals. Schimmenspel 1997
Rudi Laermans De belofte van 'het' Etcetera 2001
Rudi Laermans De denkbeeldige lichamen van Meg Stuart Etcetera 1997

Results 1-20 of 109, page 1 of 6