Video Lecture Eric de Kuyper


In het Nederlands

"The vision expressed in these texts is in contrast with the spirit of that time. However the following decades will prove them right. A rebirth of dance as an art form will take place." (Eric de Kuyper)

Eric de Kuyper, one of the founders of dance criticism in Flanders, was asked by Sarma to read and comment upon the anthology 'Dance at the Brussels World Fair 1958', published on our website. Sixteen in 1958, he was already passionate about dance, film, musicals, opera, theatre... Examinations prevented him from attending the, at that time, unique presence of dance performances from all over the world at the World Exhibition in Brussels. During the 50 years that followed he has more than made up for this lack and in 2008 he has a privileged view on the merits and the shortcomings of that time. How did the World Exhibition help to create such a thing as Belgian dance culture? Why did critics praise the upcoming star Béjart and why didn't they appreciate the work of Martha Graham? How was the Expo ideology crystallized in dance criticism? How to describe the aesthetics of the time? What was denounced as 'mauvais goût'? Why did Belgian critics persist with the sharp division between high culture and entertainment which so many American choreographers had abandoned in retrieving the theatre from Broadway and Hollywood? Eric de Kuyper puts the writings of the 1958 generation into historical, political and aesthetic perspective. He gives the critics credit but also lays bare their deficiencies.

The video lecture is produced by Sarma, in collaboration with Eric de Kuyper, Staf Vos, Pablo Castilla, Myriam Van Imschoot and Kristien Van den Brande. It was first screened at Blauwe Plekken #058.

In 2003 Sarma produced an Anthology Eric de Kuyper, with a special focus on his writings on dance, musicals, and corporality.

Credits video lecture: Eric De Kuyper concept & Realisation: Myriam Van Imschoot, Staf Vos, Kristien Van den Brande & Pablo Castilla camera: Pablo Castilla production: Sarma supported by: Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie