Myriam Van Imschoot


Myriam Van Imschoot started her professional life as a dance critic for the Flemish newspapers Gazet van Antwerpen (1993-1995) and De Morgen (1995-1998). Sarma collects 60 percentage of these writings. Special focus is on the articles that appeared in the weekly arts supplement in De Morgen, called Café des Arts, as they were instances of a new genre in dance journalism in Belgium that combined journalism with essay-writing. These journo-essays portrayed choreographers and dancers, but also approached issues such as nationalism in dance, stillness in ballet, improvisation in the nineties, etc. In 1998 Myriam Van Imschoot left journalism when she accepted a full-time research position at the University of Leuven, with the support of the Fund for Scientific Research.


Myriam Van Imschoot (1969) graduated in Germanic Philology and specialized in Performance Studies at the University of Leuven in Belgium. She was the dance critic for Gazet van Antwerpen (1993-1995) and De Morgen (1995-1998). From 1995 she was a staff member of the Institute of Cultural Studies at the University of Leuven. In 1998 she became a full-time researcher at this university, with the support of the Fund for Scientific Research. Currently she is finishing a ph.d. on improvisation in cultures of spontaneity and the post-war avant-garde. Van Imschoot is the initiator and founder of Sarma. Her work as a lecturer, writer and theoretician has enabled her to travel extensively in Europe and the U.S., which has given her a broad perspective on the business, doing, making and studying of the performing arts.

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Author Title Publication Year
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André Lepecki The latest new dance (Part two) BLITZ 1990
Nour Ezzedine سحابة برتقالیة / Orange Cloud Ma3azef 2020
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Adham Hafez, Nancy Naous مقابلة مع نانسي نعوس / Interview with Nancy Naous Sarma 2021
Abduallah Al Bayyari هل للدولة جسد؟ / Body of the State Al Arabi Al Gadid 2020
Omar Thawabeh لازم تعرفي / You Need to Know Ma3azef 2020
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Mona Gamil ثلاثیة التیكتوك / TikTok Triptych Sarma 2021

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