More Than One Tie


Wednesday April 10 at 8.30pm
Free admission

Filmstill, Isabell Spengler in "The Natural Life of Mermaids", photo by Jennifer Sindon

At the core of Zilver Flotations is the launch of the latest Oral Site publication More Than One Tie, an interview project by Tom Engels, in collaboration with Tessa Theisen. More Than One Tie zooms in on the open nexus of artists surrounding Antonia Baehr and Werner Hirsch: it looks through the key hole of affinities into different artistic practices that care about the way artists organize (social) relations, make them productive, reflect upon them, criticize them, whether it is being involved in the scene of Echtzeitmusik (Andrea Neumann and Sabine Ercklentz), or making holiday movies (Isabell Spengler), or family fictions (Ida Wilde) or gossip, perfumes and body aroma, alter egos...

-Launch Oral Site publication ‘More Than One Tie’ (Tom Engels & Tessa Theisen)
-A lecture/storytelling and partial exhibit of drawings and letters from the archive of Ida Wilde’s personal collection. More
-Lecture François Noudelmann: philosopher and radio maker who published a book on affinities.

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Results 1-10 of 10, page 1 of 1