The Wilde's Collect


The Wilde’s Collect, a lecture/storytelling by Ida Wilde

Photo by onkel Mirjam; Ida’s kitchen, New Year’s Eve 2011, Berlin.

“A Very Wilde Story was the beginning. And then the rest is always happening. But the family tree was scribbled down before all of that one evening at the Frankfurter kitchen, which had a garden of flowers on the wall and many bamboo rice steamers on the shelves, while Henry smoked her pipe, which did not belong to uncle Peter (on Ida’s side) and Ida may have been stitching a monogrammed hanky or pretending to learn a German word. Ha! She never would. Nevertheless, it was recorded then in the big red book which is now falling apart after so many years packed into her mother’s boxes in Palestine and can’t possibly travel to Brussels from there! It was 2005 and no-one then was really quite who they are now.”

So begins the lecture/storytelling and partial exhibit of drawings and letters from the archive of Ida Wilde’s personal collection. Ida Wilde is the wife of Henry Wilde who is known to some as Antonia Baehr.