Bojana Cvejic, writer in residence


From 6 until 9 october 2004, arts center Monty and workplace wpZimmer in Antwerp organised the second issue of the Amperdans festival, a platform in which they present dance and performance works of artists they support. After the organisation of the colloquium Unfolding the Critical, Sarma was invited again to organise a project in the festival. For this, Sarma invited Serbian critic and theoretician Bojana Cvejic to be writer in residence at the festival. She will be present all the time, observe performances, talk with performers and audience and process her thoughts observations on a special interactive page Sarma-wiki. A small installation in the bars of Monty and wpZimmer marked her presence and invited the audience to read her work and comment on her thoughts and the festival in general. Later, Bojana concluded her work in the essay Amperdans: Symptons, strands and potentialities of small-scale work

Sarma also archived the proceedings of the colloquium Constructing Contemporary Dance, organised by Aisthesis on Saturday October 9.