Anthology Lisa Nelson


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The Lisa Nelson Anthology was created on the occasion of the Sarma & Oral Site-project Conversations in Vermont

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Author Title Publication Year
Lisa Nelson Contact Newsletter Two Contact Quarterly 1975
Lisa Nelson Contact Newsletter Four Contact Quarterly 1976
Lisa Nelson Rubbings, a videotape to dis-member Contact Quarterly 1979
Lisa Nelson, Nancy Stark Smith Editor's Note Contact Quarterly 1980
Lisa Nelson DO-SEE-DO: STEPS TO THE CAMERADANCE Contact Quarterly 1977
Lisa Nelson Editor Note Contact Quarterly 1978
Lisa Nelson [REPORT] Contact Quarterly 2014
Jurij Konjar, Lisa Nelson Ode to Artifacts Contact Quarterly 2011
Lisa Nelson Riding a Peacock Feather Contact Quarterly 1977
Deborah Hay, Lisa Nelson, Pauline Oliveros Conference Call Contact Quarterly 1985
Lisa Nelson Contact Newsletter Three Contact Quarterly 1975
Lisa Nelson Preface Contact Quarterly 2013
Lisa Nelson A page written by Lisa Nelson A Widening Field 2002
Daniel Lepkoff, Lisa Nelson Studies on Infinity Contact Quarterly 1986
Lisa Nelson HUNT AND PICK Contact Quarterly 2006
Lisa Nelson After Thirty Years Contact Quarterly 2005
Lisa Nelson, Nancy Stark Smith A Short History Contact Quarterly 1980
Lisa Kraus, Daniel Lepkoff, Lisa Nelson Improvisation and the sense of imagination Contact Quarterly 1992
Danny Lepkoff, Lisa Nelson, Tina Pearson, Andrew Warshaw Making Sound Contact Quarterly 1985
Sandro Figurelli, Lisa Nelson Cleffed Pallette: When in Rome... Contact Quarterly 1979

Results 1-20 of 39, page 1 of 2