Contact Newsletter Three

Contact Quarterly 1975English
Contact Quarterly Vol. 1 No. 3 (December 1975): 3.

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Contextual note
In 1975 the name Contact Quarterly was not in use yet. This document was published as a Contact Newsletter.

Whats news? contact newsletter. a treat. solidifying right before our eyes. the variety of returns especially edifying. Danny's been teaching some beautiful sessions combination release technique n contact (just as David W reports) a superb interloping. My hip joints rejoice. Danny comes down from Jamaica Vt. 2x weekly, i find space at Benn. College n 5 to 7 of us do it together. The one night a week in No. Benn. was delicious to begin with ... a different ambience each meet. No need for round robins cause the space so large we all fit dancing or watching or both, naturally falling out of warm up into couples n sometimes trios n lots of mats for tender spines. Recently Thursday nite volleyball has usurped us and a Friday night replacement gleaned myself and 3 relative newcomers. Oosh, and I had promised myself I would not be placed in a responsible position relative to Contact but nevertheless there we were and my refresher course consisted of meditations on falling and contact was birthed once again. And I was reminded of my nack for appropriateness in teaching or guiding or whathaveyou and ultimately it was a pleasure to care. Danny will be coming down and staying with us for a couple of weeks and we will work every day hooray . .... Video ..... tapings of Barton Food Coop near Madbrook a what-is-it?, how-to form, tapings of Planned Parenthood Patients Group, much the same form, tapings of the Laban Efforts, translations of the physical efforts to camera efforts ( this I like) .....

.... TRANSCRIPTIONS: a series of transcriptions from video to movement - learning movements off video image

.... TRANSCRIPTIONS: of verbal play during Grand Union performances fascinating meta-morformosis into literary using both a sound tape and video tape for clues as to what was actually said also including crucial stage directions ...

.... TRANSCRIPTIONS: my entry in the contact newsletter. Amused and amazed me. Particularly the part about the dried apples. Did I really write that ... Ain't it the truth. I never did get around to it...'