Yodel Intensive


In het Nederlands

Open call: Yodel workshop

On December 4th & 5th, Myriam Van Imschoot organises a two days yodel intensive in arts centre CAMPO (Gent). She invites the yodel queen from Berlin, DOREEN KUTZKE, to initiate a large group of people interested in yodeling. Film maker Pablo Castilla, with whom Myriam often collaborates, will be present too and integrate the medium of video. The workshop concludes with a simple group piece.

Yodeling is often associated with traditional folk singing stemming from mountain areas. Yet, as a particular singing technique that alternates quickly between head and chest voice, it appears in a much wider range of singing cultures too. Yodeling gives a foundation to explore the vocal apparatus, the musical cry, and dissonant harmonics that also have appealed to a lot of experimental music since it proposes alternative ways of using the voice.

Do you want to yodel too and participate in the yodel intensive? Send a short motivation letter by November 23rd to marika@campo.nu, explaining who you are and why you have an interest. You will be shortly after notified about your participation. Participating costs 40 euro, incl. lunch on both days.

This workshop is part of a residency of Myriam Van Imschoot at Workspace Brussels/Sarma & CAMPO, during which she prepares a series of yodel studies and vocal works.