In the framework of the Anthology Marianne Van Kerkhoven, Sarma disclosed the complete series of Theaterschrift as annotated PDFs, together with the introductions and tables of contents. Some of the issues are still available in print.

The journal was published twice a year in four languages (English, French, German, Dutch) by Kaaitheater (Brussels), Felix (Amsterdam), Hebbeltheater (Berlin), Theater am Turm (Frankfurt) and Wiener Festwochen (Vienna) between 1990 and 1998. Theaterschrift sought to write the history of experimental theatre throughout Europe, mostly by giving the artists themselves a voice in interviews and essays.

Editor in chief Marianne Van Kerkhoven formulated the aim of the journal as follows: “All of the artists in question are individuals: what they have to say is reflected first of all in their creative work, and not in manifests or movements, not in schools or institutes, and for the time being also not in theoretical articles by them nor in whatever other way of ‘articulating’ their practice. (…) The Theaterschrift can play a role in this type of consolidation, even if it would only have the modest task of ‘accurately registering what these artists have to say about their work and about the world’.”


The issues of Theaterschrift came with an overarching theme that indicates the artistic interests in a globalizing world (before the Internet).

Two issues in Dutch preceding the series:

Nummer 1 - Over acteren (On acting)
Nummer 2 - De tekst en haar varianten (The text and its variations)

First series (edited by Marianne Van Kerkhoven, 1990-95):

1 - Beyond Indifference
2 - The Written Space
3 - Border Violations
4 - The Inner Side of Silence
5/6 - On Dramaturgy
7 - The Actor
8 - Memory
9 - Theatre and Music
10 - City/Art/Cultural Identity

Second series (edited by Sabine Pochhammer, 1997-98):

11 - The Return of the Classics?
12 - Time
13 - Spirituality: A Utopia?

Extra issue (edited by André Lepecki, 1998):

Intensification: on contemporary Portuguese performance

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Author Title Publication Year
André Lepecki, et al. Theaterschrift Extra. Intensification: Contemporary Portuguese Performance Theaterschrift 1998
Hugo De Greef, Marianne Van Kerkhoven, et al. Theaterschrift nummer 1. Over acteren Theaterschrift 1991
Marianne Van Kerkhoven, et al. Theaterschrift nummer 2. De tekst en zijn varianten Theaterschrift 1991

Results 21-23 of 23, page 2 of 2