The Dancer as Agent Collection


(c) Brynjar Abel Bandlien


The Dancer as Agent Collection is an unwrapping of The Dancer as Agent conference (DOCH Stockholm, November 2013). Several dancers who attended the conference accepted commissions from DOCH to draw, write and speak about ideas that had been present there and have continued roaming since, occupying other times and places. Various objects were made, including essays, conversations, maps, films, materials and active texts. Eight booklets, a card and a map appeared in print, and the complete collection is housed on Oral Site. It creates a context in which the contours of agency that emerge from dancers' artistic practices can be bounced off, wandered through, felt, fit and shared.

The essays are accessible through this page (below), and also embedded in the larger The Dancer as Agent Collection at Oral Site.

The Dancer as Agent Collection was launched on Dec. 1st, 2014.


Editor: Chrysa Parkinson
Copy editors: Anna Petronella Foultier, Jeroen Peeters
Transcription: Kathryn Enright
Proofreader: Peter Samuelsson
Graphic design: Anna Giertz
Production: Sarma and DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts

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Author Title Publication Year
Efva Lilja Breaking the Mould Sarma 2014
Cecilia Roos Appreciating Skill, Performing Articulation Sarma 2014
Varinia Canto Vila Bodies in and out of work Sarma 2014
Chrysa Parkinson Tribal Currencies Sarma 2014
Juliette Mapp Letting our speech go Sarma 2014
Rosalind Goldberg, Chrysa Parkinson What's the time? Sarma 2014
Frédéric Gies Living the Tribe, Leaving the Tribe Sarma 2014
Tilman O'Donnell, Chrysa Parkinson Death Craft Sarma 2014
Rebecca Hilton, Chrysa Parkinson Location, Location, Location Sarma 2014
Chrysa Parkinson, Ursula Robb Sharing the Creature Sarma 2014
Michael Helland, Chrysa Parkinson Curating Your Moves Sarma 2014

Results 1-11 of 11, page 1 of 1