In het Nederlands

Springdance/ festival 2005 runs from April 14 until 24 in different locations in Utrecht: dance to be encountered in all kinds of contexts, not just in the theatre but in everyday settings such as a house, a café, a cinema or on a bus. Dance can also be experienced through different media: on the phone, in conversation, on a postcard, on commercial poster sites, in an interactive corridor and on a small tv screen.

Springdance/ conversations 2005 is a series of public lectures and talks about specific aspects of the Springdance/festival. Springdance invited Sarma to record these talks and preserve them in a different medium and a different context. All talks are in English.

Programme & archive

As if we don't know what it is: Proposals for shifting contexts Saturday April 9, 18h00; Theaterschool, Jodenbreestraat 3, Amsterdam.

A public presentation within a mini-conference organised by Dance Unlimited, Amsterdam School of the Arts and Springdance/festival.

AS IF WE DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS is an intensive 48-hour research project dedicated to the shifting possible contexts for contemporary performance-making through a combination of practice and discussion based formats. To help us facilitate this, we have invited the participation of performance makers from Germany, the UK and France who embrace hybrid approaches and whose work consistently sits on the edge of this open field of possibilities.

With Association Edna (Boris Charmatz, Angèle Le Grand), Rimini-Protokoll (Stefan Kaegi / Helgard Haug) and Blast Theory (Matt Adams / Ju Row Farr) and Jeroen Peeters, and a group of 30 students of Dutch artists and students from the post-graduate course Dance Unlimited.

Introduction by Scott deLahunta; short lecture by Jeroen Peeters (7 minutes) Matt Adams and Ju Row Farr (Blast Theory) (24 minutes) Helgard Haug and Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll) (33 minutes) Andrea Bozic, Sarah Van Lamsweerde and Boris Charmatz: (22 minutes)(NOTE: a 5 minute performance demonstration was cut from the recording, but is accurately described in the following discussion)

André Lepecki (Brasil 1965), is a dramaturg, an essayist, a curator and a co-creator. Doctoral degree from New York University, where he is a Professor at the Department of Performance Studies, teaching critical dance studies and experimental dramaturgy. For Springdance/festival 2005 he explores the idea of ‘context’ and its impact on current dance practice.

[U bevindt zich hier]/ [You are here] is an encounter with over 150 people from Utrecht who are dancing, moving and making music. From singers, rappers and percussionists to salsa, line dancing, classical ballet and break dancing. Together they create a big performance inspired by their own stories, ideas, movements and musical repertoire: to honor the diversity of the city. On the big stage of the Stadsschouwburg an exciting reproduction of the creative city will rise, in which a new perspective is given on the many differences, similarities, flavors and colors that a city holds in the year 2005.