P.A.R.T.S. Research Studios - A Series of Interventions


During the course of the research cluster “Time and Rhythm” at P.A.R.T.S., the artists, thinkers and theoreticians that were invited to teach in the program, will be given the opportunity to share their work publicly. Guests will include Goran Sergej Pristas, Bojana Kunst, Diedrich Diederichsen, Daniela Bershan and Juan Dominguez. The research cluster and the public program were initiated and conceived by Bojana Cvejic and Tom Engels.


Goran Sergej Pristas - Anti-Production

Hannah Arendt argued that the difference between the two basic types of human activity - poiesis and praxis - has been progressively obscured by the introduction of a third kind of activity, i.e. work, into that relation. Work, which was at the lowest level in the hierarchy of human activities in ancient Greece, today occupies a central position of value and becomes the common denominator for all sorts of human activity. The fact that discourse on creation methods and production (poiesis) has been overrun by discourse on artistic work (praxis) suggests that economic rationalization took the place which used to belong to poetic clarity. The tendency to reproduce artistic labour as an alternative to production of artworks with the (cl)aim to destabilize a fetish of objects has actually turned into a fetishization of process where the so-called free, non-alienated artistic labour became usable good.

The recording of the talk can be found here.

Goran Sergej Pristas is a dramaturge and Associate Professor at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb. He is co-founder and member of BADco., a performing arts collective and was the first editor-in-chief (1996–2007) of Frakcija, a magazine for the performing arts. He was one of the initiators of the project Zagreb – Cultural Kapital of Europe 3000. With his projects and collaborations (BADco., Frakcija) he has participated in the Venice Biennale 2011, Documenta 12, ARCO and numerous festivals and conferences. Along with Bojana Cvejic, Pristas co-edited ‘Parallel Slalom. A Lexicon of Non-aligned Poetics’, TkH/CDU, Beograd-Zagreb, 2013.


Diedrich Diederichsen - The progress of ideology and the ideology of progress: Sun Ra and Stockhausen

The talk looks at the weird commonality of Sun Ra and Stockhausen: both have apparently read at the same time (1970/71) the same obscure, sectarian Sci-Fi-publication "The Urantia Papers", which lead both to make "Sirius" their favourite subject matter. This historical closeness of these otherwise quite different musicians and "total artists" provides us with means to measure their distance. The notions of ideology and progress - still intact as positive categories as well as critical tools - will play an important part in that.

The recording of the talk can be found here.

Diedrich Diederichsen started his career in the 80s as an editor and/or publisher of music journals in Hamburg and Cologne (Sounds, Spex). Since the early 90s he worked as a visiting professor in amongst others Stuttgart, Pasadena, Offenbach, Munich, Weimar, St. Louis, Cologne, Los Angeles and Frankfurt. Since 2006 he is Professor for Theory, Practice, and Communication of Contemporary Art at the Institute for Art History & Cultural Studies at the Academy of Fine Art, Vienna. Diederichsen writes for several magazines, dailies and journals in the German speaking world (Texte zur Kunst, Theater Heute, Cargo, Spex, Die Zeit, Tageszeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung and many others).


Daniela Bershan - ΩX Dreamz with Baba Electronica

The Loopspace ΩX is a conceptual sample-space artist Daniela Bershan a.k.a Baba Electronica uses to dream and think future Pop. ΩX is an emotional/psycological/poetical/political space that - mainly through the variations and programming of drumpatterns - creates different genres within the Pop-spectrum - these are manifold but not unlimited. At the same time with the increasing possibilities and quality of studio-production and software the audible amplitudes of tracks within the Loopspace are more and more maxed out. So ΩX is about to burst in (at least) two directions which leaves us with the question of where to go and grow with Pop?

The recording of the talk can be found here.

Daniela Bershan is a visual artist and DJ best described as a media vaga- bond and fearless sampler. In her work - ranging from sculpture, painting, performance to social organization - the function of the DJ/Producer has started to take over all aspects of practice a long time ago. The DJ/Producer is sampling and being sampled all the time: ritualizing and remixing circumstances on multiple strata of material, thought, text and sound, and by that, recognizing (technological, political and social) choreographies and scores. Proposing forms (in order to make tangible how they operate) Bershan in line with her visual and musical projects co-founded and directed FATFORM (NL), and is co-organizing ELSEWHERE & OTHERWISE at Performing Art Forum (FR). The DJ/Producer taps into the immanent productivity of discongruous temporal rhythms and gestures, utilizing their complex timings (material signatures) to increase and extend potentia- spaces for erotic and aesthetic practices, and nonmonotonic thinking.