Oral Site: Artist publications in a digital environment


TUESDAY 2 December 2014

from 18h to approx. 20:30h at 50°49’19.50’‘N 4°21’25.53’‘E, Erg’s gallery. Rue du Page/Edelknaapstraat 87, 1050 Brussel

presentation of Olga, the new software for Oral Site, by Alexandre Leray, Eric Schrijver and Kristien Vanden Brande

Oral Site is an online platform for expanded publications. It proposes an experimental approach to the documentation, study, dissemination and creation of art works. Supported by an innovative software, it allows for contributions of artists active in a vast array of practices, most of them foreign to “net art” as such. Each can employ this instrument informed by his/her own perspective, and explore the possibilities of artists publications in a digital environment.

During this evening organized by Sarma and hosted by Erg, the public got introduced to some art works as well as to the unique tool that enabled them. Alexandre Leray (OSP) and Kristien Van den Brande (Sarma) presented Olga, the new architecture behind the current updated version of Oral Site that evolved since its launch in 2012 and its original ties to the open source software Active Archives developed by OSP/Constant.

In his presentation choreographer and visual artist Julien Bruneau navigated through the intricate landscape of `Strata´. This publication offers itself as a score for associative thoughts, a map to get lost. Bruneau unfolds one of the countless ways to compose meaning out of the layering of cultural readymades it is made of.

Artists Alexander Schellow and David Weber-Krebs gave during their lecture performance a glimpse of their upcoming publication for Oral Site and its link to their collaborative work. They work since 2004 on the project `Miniature´, which takes museum, gallery and public spaces alike as central protagonists for a play with the spectator’s expectation and perception.

The evening was framed by artist and founder of Oral Site, Myriam Van Imschoot.

`Strata´ lecture-performance by Julian Bruneau

the performance by Alexander Schellow and David Weber-Krebs

During the evening you could toast with the delicious OLGA cocktail - special thanks to David Evrard and his students!