In het Nederlands

Sarma and Frankfurter Kueche curate Lectures/Demonstrations

An afternoon around the work of the artistic twin deufert+plischke deSingel Antwerp, 9 November 2005, 14.00 hours – free admission

Not a classic colloquium, but a view into themes, working methods and collaboration through performance and video, written and spoken word, watching and reading, posters and slides, listening and speaking, interaction and dialogue. A coffee break separates two parts:

directory 1: europe endless

How to risk beauty with beauty? How to risk work with work? A visual audioplay by the artistic twin deufert+plischke on their work, conceived to introduce their research and themes to other people. “Our aim was and still is to speak with our work as well as with our life. This happens during directory 1 in two different ways by using the past-present moment and the passing-present moment of performance: all the stories that are told during directory 1 happened before we met in life. But while listening to those stories or watching the images the audience becomes witness of an actual work of deufert+plischke."

Interview Installation

Sarma editors Jeroen Peeters and Myriam Van Imschoot visited the artistic twin deufert+plischke in their home base Leipzig. Three days of meeting, writing and discussion. A particular method was devised for writing collectively a text on working methods and collaboration, based on the form of an interview. This text is presented as a poster installation (design: Julie Peeters), which will be on display in deSingel. It serves as the fuel and backdrop for an interview between deufert+plischke and the audience.

Gender Studies

Simultaneously deufert+plischke present their photographic work Gender studies as a slide show. Since the summer of 2002 they photograph each other in tights in nature. Through connection and distortion, similarity and difference the images challenge our notion of gender. “When I was you, who were you then? We have lain on your grounds many times, Europe, making pictures of ourselves, over and over again. We hoped to meet you, catch you at the edges of our pictures. Are you stil wearing the bridle dress you found at the seaside? Are you still planning to change your sex in your phantasy?”

Sarma's database contains several texts on the work of the artistic twin deufert+plischke.

In November 2002 Sarma documented Frankfurter Kueche's project B-Visible.