Clicking terms in the right margin generally narrows the current context. You can edit the search text in the blue box to for instance remove terms and "zoom out".


Type your search in the blue search box, for example:

Alice in Wonderland

You can also enter specific criteria. For example, to see documents written by Jeroen Peeters and published in 2001:

author:"Jeroen Peeters" AND year:2001

The word OR (all capitals) can be used to get results matching any of the terms given.

gender OR politics

Quotations can be used to search for specific phrases:

"silly walks"

Stars can be used as wildcards.

"J*r*me Bel"

Search results are ordered by how well they match your query. The results can also be ordered by name of (first) author, title, publisher, or year by clicking on the respective at the top of the listing.