Christof Migone


Please join us Friday, April 12, 6 - 8 pm, for an evening with sound artist, curator and writer Christof Migone (Canada).

This evening is part of Zilver Flotations, a week-long residence of Sarma dedicated to its latest project Oral Site and the importance of new environments (digital and live) for sound works and multi-media publications.

In this evening Christof Migone will present a series of sound works together with a lecture based on an examination of the mouth as an organ, a viscous entity, a somatiser of language.

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PROGRAM ARPIL 12, 6 - 8 pm

MIXER – Performance

A mix of works by Christof Migone will be presented in simultaneity. The layered performances will explore repetitive gestures, glossolalic translations and somatic rhythms. Performers will be spaced around the room with localized amplification. Some of the works to be performed live are Evasion, or how to perform a tongue escape in public (2001), The Release Into Motion, or how to leak inarticulacy ouf of your mouth (2001), The Rise and Fall of the Sounds and Silences from Mars (2011), Interval (2005), Hole in the Head (1996), and Spit (1999).


A lecture based on an examination of the mouth as an organ, as a viscous entity, as a somatiser of language. How does the mouth work the voice? How are words mouthed by the abject cavity? What happens when it all gets stuck inside? What happens when you stick it all out? The reading will be based on a section from the recently released book Sonic Somatic: Performances of the Unsound Body (Berlin: Errant Bodies Press, 2012).

Christof Migone is an artist, curator, teacher, writer based in Toronto, Canada. His latest book, Sonic Somatic: Performances of the Unsound Body was published in 2012 by Errant Bodies Press. Christof Migone is a central guest in Zilver Flotations in Beursschouwburg. In this frame Sarma/Oral Site presents performances, lectures, informal meetings focusing on listening and affinity. For a full program check out People who would like to participate in the sound works of Christof Migone as volunteer performers, please contact

Note: Christof Migone will also present a lecture/performance in the forum of M on April 11, 8 pm, at the occasion of 'Blijven Kijken / Ce qui nous regarde / Dropouts', the exhibition at M. This is part of a shared evening with Manon De Boer, hosted by curator Pieter Van Bogaert.