Against the interdisciplinary


an explorative workshop hosted by David Bergé and DD Dorvillier, with interventions by Susan Sontag and Francis Bacon for dancers, choreographers, photographers, and visual artists, alike.

Rather than finding a meeting point for these media, we will define together the individual qualities of photography, the photographic, movement and choreography. We will test spatial and temporal limits of image and movement and by doing so, reach points where they inform each other, where they can be each others' model or subject matter. We will examine for instance, questions of sensation and interiority for a dancer, or the position that a photographer places him/herself in, in relation to the subject, levels of projection and presence for each other, as well as the relation between style and content.

The workshop took place in Brussels, September 26-30, 2011, 12am-6pm Organized by Sarma @ WorkSpace Brussels


David Bergé is a photographer working on the intersection of photography and choreography. His artistic practice consists of performative walk projects, performance installations, photographic projections integrated in choreographies and traditional acts of photography. His work has been seen at TanzQuartier Wien (AT), WorkSpace Brussels (BE) and Netwerk Aalst (BE). Artistic collaborations include projects with (amongst others) choreographers DD Dorvillier (US), Trajal Harrell (US), Marc Vanrunxt (BE). Besides that, he has been involved into creationships with lightening designer Jan Maertens (BE) and performer/theorist Elizabeth Waterhouse (US/DE).

DD Dorvillier is a choreographer and performer from New York. Through her company, human future dance corps, she has produced many works, presenting them in the US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. She has also taught worldwide in state and private institutions, festivals, and schools. She has worked with David Bergé in different capacities including the creation of a collaborative the photo-installation Half a Train (2007). Her work Choreography, a Prologue for the Apocalypse of Understanding, Get Ready! was presented in Belgium most recently at Kaai Theater, and deSingel. Recent collaborative projects include: The Blanket Dance (2011) with Frédéric Gies and Jefta van Dinther, Pièce Sans Paroles (2010) with Anne Juren and Annie Dorsen, RMW(a) & RMW (2004) with Jennifer Monson, and Anarchive #2:secondhand (2010) with Deuffert/Plishke. In 2003 she received a Bessie for her quartet Dressed for Floating and in 2010 for her performance in Parades & Changes, replays, a re-activation of Anna Halprin’s seminal Parades & Changes (1965), directed by French choreographer Anne Collod. Dorvillier maintains on-going artistic partnerships with Composer Zeena Parkins and Lighting Designer Thomas Dunn. She has worked with many artists including: Sarah Michelson, Jennifer Lacey, Yvonne Meier, Heather Kravas, Elizabeth Ward, Jonathan Bepler, and Karen Finley, among others. She has been awarded with fellowships from the New York Foundation for the Arts (2000), the Foundation for Contemporary Arts (2007), and the Guggenheim Foundation (2011). Her upcoming project, Danza Permanente, will permiere at STUK in Leuven in May 2012.