A day with Ida Wilde


April 9, 11am-6pm

A Day With Ida Wilde is part of the Zilver Flotations program in Beursschouwburg.

“A painting by one of the Highwaymen, a group of African American sunday painters, who were self-taught and eventually sold their work to make a living on the road”


Ida Wilde is the wife of Henry Wilde who is known to some as Antonia Baehr. Sarma invited Ida Wilde to compose “A Day With...”: a small group of people will spend the day with her, make landscape paintings along the canal, talk, eat, drink... An intimate and hands-on experience of how life and work intermingle and how this mix makes sense on a daily basis.


"A Day With Ida Wilde.." hosted by Ida Wilde

Ida and her extended Berlin family have been diligently toiling on a Landscape painting/aquarelle exhibition for Hobbs, the elderly hobby artist who inhabits "The Swan Song" Operetta. Ida is bringing her Sunday landscape painting action to Brussels and expanding the family while expanding Hobbs's oeuvre.

Please join us in an afternoon of plein-air innovation and collective merriment. We’ll be painting for Hobbs’s sake!

Date: 09. April, 2013
Time: 11-16:00 Aquarelles or Acrylic Landscape painting.
16-18:00 Eating or having drinks together will be optional and decided on together.
With a Picnic at 13:00 including flasks with hot chocolate and rum (Ida's recipe), biscuits, bread, boiled eggs, pickles, fruit and cheese, ma’amoul (date cookies from marocco), wine, water... Ida will provide the light picnic, but you are very welcome to contribute to it…
Requirements: Enthusiasm and willingness to paint or watercolor.
Materials: Please bring painting materials that you have at home that may be useful for Landscape painting: aquarelles, acrylic paint, papers, canvas etc.

∗Make sure that you bring materials that are of the cheapest kind.
∗Ida will provide some basic materials as well so that we can pool materials and share.

Bring a blanket or something to sit on if you wish. Dress warmly and appropriately for outdoors. If you are working in paint, please bring a smock or clothing that you don't mind getting messy.

12 euro participation fee to be used at our behest.

“faire voile en Levant!”

Ida Wilde


**Who is Ida Wilde?
Ida Wilde was born in the London University Hospital in 1975. Even though she traveled to and lived in many of England´s colonialist disasters, such as the Americas and Palestine, she longed to return, if only in a peculiar way, to some place where Victorian tastes for society and convention were upheld. Where fetishism for all things domestic and comfortable were ennobled. In Berlin, Ida met Henry and the rest became a book. Currently she is planning another excursion into the heart of the Middle East where she hopes to meet other fetishists of convention who might engage in platonic drag with her. To contact Ida Wilde please write to: babettkin at yahoo.com, and then once contact is established one might consider writing an actual letter which would be much nicer.