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In 2008 Philipp Gehmacher invited ten choreographers to talk about their language of movement on a large empty stage in a Viennese theatre. The result was a surprising multiplicity of voices and stories: every solo testified to a unique view of the body, movement and the confrontation with space. In the week of 15-19 March 2011, Gehmacher and visual artist Alexander Schellow organized a second “walk+talk” series at the Kaaistudio’s in Brussels.

On this occasion, next to the lab Slowing down the process of disappearance, Sarma has compiled a collection with a few essays on “walk+talk”, as well as writings by the invited artists: Eleanor Bauer, Philipp Gehmacher, Rémy Héritier, Mette Ingvartsen, Daniel Linehan, Martin Nachbar, Chrysa Parkinson, Alexander Schellow and Meg Stuart. It concerns essays, scores, self-interviews and interviews – all reflections on practice that relate to the specific context of “walk+talk” and give an insight in the ways artists speak and write about their work, method and poetics.

In February 2013, Sarma and Philipp Gehmacher launched the publication walk+talk documents on Oral Site. On that occasion, the anthology was updated with writings by artists who participated in the walk+talk series in March 2008 at Tanzquartier Wien: Antonia Baehr, Boris Charmatz and Sioned Huws.

The anthology contains furthermore essays about walk + talk, of which several were commissioned by Sarma:

Editor Sarma: Jeroen Peeters
Editorial assistance: Lisse Doms and Kristien Van den Brande

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Author Title Publication Year
Antonia Baehr Facing For Faces Sarma 2011
Antonia Baehr Lachen Positionen 2009
Antonia Baehr, Constanze Klementz Facing For Faces Sarma 2011
Antonia Baehr, Xavier Le Roy Entretien Rire Laugh Lachen 2008
Antonia Baehr, Xavier Le Roy Interview Antonia Baehr / Xavier Le Roy Rire Laugh Lachen 2008
Eleanor Bauer Bufemism: A Dance Practice in Four Movements 2005
Eleanor Bauer Falling Up NDD 2011
Eleanor Bauer Method Monster The Making Of The Making Of 2006
Eleanor Bauer Self-Interview on AT LARGE Everybodys Self-Interviews 2008
Eleanor Bauer Tomber vers le haut NDD 2011
Erik Bryngelsson Walking and talking, more or less Sarma 2014
Laura Burns Speaking Bodies, Plural Voices Exeunt 2013
Jonathan Burrows Interview with Meg Stuart Conversations with choreographers 1998
Yvane Chapuis, Rémy Héritier Chevreuil Le journal des laboratoires 2009
Boris Charmatz, Isabelle Launay And what about ‘dance’? Undertraining 2011
Boris Charmatz, Isabelle Launay Dramaturgie Entretenir 2002
Boris Charmatz, Isabelle Launay Dramaturgy Undertraining 2011
Boris Charmatz, Isabelle Launay Et "la" danse? Entretenir 2002
Tom Engels Between Solitaire and a Basketball Game. Dramaturgical Strategies in the Work of Antonia Baehr Bastard or Playmate? 2012
Moriah Evans Interview with Chrysa Parkinson Movement Research Performance Journal 2010

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