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On the occasion of Connexive #1: Vera Mantero, a first anthology of texts was made available in Sarma's database. This contains essays on Vera Mantero's work, including four unpublished chapters of Lepecki's PhD that provide information about the artistic, cultural and political context in which her work came to emergence. A taste of Lepecki's dramaturgical ideas is given by excerpts of the notes he wrote during his collaborations with Meg Stuart and Damaged Goods.

In 2007 Sarma made another anthology on the Portuguese years of André Lepecki, with his critical writings for the Portuguese weekly Blitz in the early nineties. These texts were originally written in Portuguese but translated in English for Sarma.

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Author Title Publication Year
André Lepecki The fractal space of self Dramaturgical notes 1992
André Lepecki Rethinking Words Contact Quarterly 1994
André Lepecki Swallow My Yellow Smile - Schlucke mein feiges Lächeln Programme note 1994
André Lepecki "If I can't dance I don't want to be part of your revolution." Ballettanz 1995
André Lepecki Arts on the edge of moving Programme note 1995
André Lepecki How (Not) to perform the Political Ballettanz 1995
André Lepecki How radical is contemporary dance? Ballettanz 1995
André Lepecki Moving against Programme note 1995
André Lepecki Zijn is een kunst die beweegt Dramaturgical notes 1995
André Lepecki How modern is modernism? Ballettanz 1996
André Lepecki Postcolonialism, Interculturalism Ballettanz 1996
André Lepecki Schrijven in beweging Etcetera 1996
André Lepecki Why Theater? Ballettanz 1996
André Lepecki Writing in motion Etcetera 1996
André Lepecki Vera Mantero: The Fall of an Ego Ballettanz 1997
André Lepecki Appetite Programme note 1998
André Lepecki Dance of Differences Ballettanz 1998
André Lepecki Dancing without a Mirror Ballettanz 1998
André Lepecki One Decade, Four Choreographers Ballettanz 1998
André Lepecki Rien, pas même le corps... Nouvelles De Danse 1998

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